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 Live Auction Catalog SequencinggG>

The "When" of selling items in the Live Auction is often as important as the "What" you are selling.  Here are some guidelines to follow when sequencing your Live Auction items for your catalog::

 Start with a tangible item whenever possible (to focus the attention of the audience) and the more "emotional" of an item, the better.  Something for kids is always good (a wagon of toys, a big stuffed animal, an assortment of video games and a player).  A fresh, hot apple pie is a good alternative or an "instant romance package" (roses, champagne, champagne glasses, dinner for two at a romantic place).  Place your "premier" items about 50-60% of the way through your list - never save the best for last!  The second high bidder needs to have some good items to bid on after the high bidder of the premier item wins..

 Do your "Raise the Paddle" (also called Fund an item or Emotional Appeal) right after you sell the premier item - while your audience is still thinking big numbers..

 Ramp your values up to the premier item whenever possible, although it is more important to not place similar items back to back.  Avoid back to back dinners or back to back trips, or back to back memorabilia.  Mix the categories of items whenever possible, but also avoid jumping from a low value item to a very high value item - it is hard for the audience to transition from a $500 item bid mentality to a $10,000 item bid mentality.  That is why it is best to ramp up the value whenever possible..

 Merchandise sells best early in the Live Auction, experiences (trips, dinners, golf outings, etc.) sell best later on.  Avoid selling tangible items at the end of the auction - that is the "experience zone"..

For more help with your auction, consider attending an Auction Workshop when one comes to your area.  The Auctionhelp.com website has a calendar of upcoming Workshops..

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 Just because an item has a high dollar value, don't assume that is enough justification to make it a Live auction item.  More important is whether the item will generate interest from numerous bidders.  Remember, your Live auction is part of your evening's entertainment.  If an item has narrow interest, it is neither entertaining the bidders (because only a few bid on it) nor entertaining for the balance of the audience.  Ask yourself if the item will have interest broadly across your entire audience.  Will at least 10 people bid on it initially?  If not, leave it in the Silent auction where only two people will need to bid on it to make it a successful item..