Text2Bid Mobile Bidding



Tex2Bid is the hottest thing going for charity auctions!  Imagine letting your guests bid on a handful of items (10 to 30 would be the "sweet spot") using the cell phones they bring to your event.  Nothing to rent, no crew to hire, simple set up, and a ton of fun!  We think this is the "next big thing" in auctions, and will be met with enthusiasm by guests.


It is, in effect, the "Bid O Gram" bidding system by cell phone instead of paper bid sheets.  What we like about Text2Bid is that it does NOT take an all-or-nothing approach.  There is a good reason to retain paper bid forms for the Silent Auction, and the Live Auction is part of the entertainment.  Where text2Bid fits is in between, for those items too good for the Silent Auction, but where due to time restrictions they can't get added to the Live Auction.  This "Almost LiveSection" is perfect for the Text2Bid system.


For more information about Text2Bid click here.