Silent Auction Templates

Silent Auction Bid Forms, Laser Printer


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These complete NCR forms will work in your laser printer or inkjet printer and allow you to print your bid information from computer database programs like AuctionMaestro Pro. The templates are formatted to allow for standard bid increments and include a "Guaranteed Purchase" provision. Once information havs been printed on all three copies of the form (white, yellow and pink) you then tear them at the perforation (across the middle) and staple them along the edges. You don't have to go to your printer to copy them onto NCR paper and you can even print forms at your event for those last minute items that might "happen" to arrive with guests who meant to give them to you earlier.


When ordering please refer to the following part number:

Part Number   Description Price
S1000L-250 250 ea (sold as a package) $ 80.00 per package
S1000L-125 125 ea (sold as a package) $ 45.00 per package

Special options such as higher number series, logos, and custom colors are also available. Call or contact us for a quote.


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