Sample Budget

Auction Budget Sample

The following sample budget will assist you in thinking through your expendidures and anticipated revenue.  It is provided as a guide only, and the user accepts full responsibility for its use.  NWBA, Inc. makes no claims as to it's completeness or accuracy.

 Click here to download a sample budget in an Excel format.


Budget Considerations:

  • Try to list all potential expenses, no matter how small
  • A "donated" service is still a budget item - list it as an expense and ofset it with an donation, but don't ignore it
  • A good target number for a budget is 20% to 25% of the gross revenue
  • Keep committee "honest" by not allowing any member to spend money off budget
  • Use prior year numbers to test current year budget appropriateness
  • Use Auction Software to manage the event and to track real expenses.  You will be able to report expenses versus income easily after the event