Russ Stolnack

See a demo video of Russ Stolnack in action.


The optimal talent for realizing your fund raising goals is Russ Stolnack. The intangibles Russ brings to an event are invaluable. His timing, voice, knowledge and improvisational experience are unparalleled. Russ has been a stand up comedian for over 25 years and he is currently a motivational humorous speaker for corporate clients. He adds well timed and appropriate humor to the auction keeping the audience more involved. Russ is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show as well as the voice talent for several advertisers. His voice is friendly, clean, clear and easy on the ears. Most important Russ knows how the entire auction process works. With that and his other talents Russ is a most unique and qualified auctioneer for your event.


He is invited back year after year by our clients and is often asked to be Master of Ceremonies as well as conduct the auction.