Kelly Lee

Kelly's career has been a very interesting journey. He spent a brief time at the University of Puget Sound studying for a law degree but left before finishing to pursue his dream of flying along with radio & television broadcasting. His first on-air adventure was to be a Charity Auctioneer for KCTS Channel 9, out of Seattle. Kelly Lee went on to do several promotional spots for this popular station. He then perfected his broadcasting skills working at various radio stations doing a wide range of activities. The work was fun but the pay was meager especially with a wife and two children to support. With his family continuing to grow (eventually to five little ones!), Kelly reluctantly decided to leave the media entertainment industry for a "real job". It was a short run but the experience had a major impact on his life.


Over the next 20 years, Kelly utilized his gifts of public speaking and motivational skills to successfully manage numerous national and international companies. One of the last he headed was the world leader in composite aircraft kit manufacturing and distribution. He served as its CEO and chairman of the board. These joint positions required him to fly regularly across the country speaking at various venues such as the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Convention in Oshkosh Wisconsin and the Smithsonian Institution's Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C.


Once Kelly hit the big "4-0", he decided to pursue a part-time career in a field that kindled a flame he had experienced so many years ago at KCTS. That field was Auctioneering. However, he did not want to do just any auctioneering; it had to be Benefit Auctioneering! Kelly felt the gentle push the Lord tends to give us once it is time to embrace our calling. Of course he did not jump in with both feet. He started slowly working part-time with a company where one of his best friends was a minority partner. That organization was Northwest Benefit Auctions, Inc. Over the years, Kelly learned the fine art of Benefit Auction Consulting and Auctioneering. He supplemented this training by also graduating from Western College of Auctioneering out of Billings Montana not once but twice! In 1999 he made the complete plunge. Kelly left the corporate ranks to become a full-time Benefit Auctioneer and has not looked back since! He considers his "new" profession a true blessing from the Lord and treasures every moment he is given the opportunity to perform.


Kelly's has developed a style that is very unique, exciting and most of all fun. His enthusiasm and sincerity truly blend to form a character that is entertaining and memorable. As Kelly only does Benefit Auctions, his guests are treated to an approach that is smooth, deliberate and many times interactive. He loves to laugh and his sense of humor is very infectious! Most importantly, Kelly has consistently been able to gently capture the hearts and generosity of all in attendance at his events to achieve exceptional financial results for his clients.


Northwest Benefit Auctions is very pleased to be able to offer the talents of Kelly Lee, so if you are looking for an experienced and fun Benefit Auctioneer and Consultant; your search is over! Kelly Lee has proven to be one of the premier specialists for Benefit and Charity Auctions. He has consistently assisted organizations from coast to coast to exceed their fundraising expectations.


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