Joanna Blaney






 Joanna Blaney - Event Coordinator

I live in San Diego, California with my husband and three children - Pearce (age 6), Makenna (age 5), Mason (18 months) and Parker (3 months). I have been involved in event coordination for about 12 years and my husband works here in Del Mar at the Del Mar Fairgrounds managing their events department. I guess you could say we have a family of event planners! I became involved with Northwest Benefit Auctions about 6 years ago when the non-profit organization that I worked for, hired them to help with our auction. I utilized the software, handled all the data entry, worked with NWBA Auctioneers and have always been very happy with the company and all their products. Then when I decided to have children and stay home with them, NWBA approached me asking me to help out as an Event Staff / Event Coordinator. I gladly accepted, feeling that this would keep me in the loop of doing events and give me a greater understanding of how to successfully run large auctions. I have gone from conducting auctions with about 75 items (my own events in the non-profit) to working with organizations with hundreds of auction items. It has been fun and very rewarding. In my spare time (not much these days), I also work with Arbonne International, a Swiss skin care company.