Jay Fiske

Jay Fiske is the founder and president of Northwest Benefit Auctions, Inc. The origins of the company come from Jay's role as a "volunteer auctioneer dad" at his son's school choir auction. From that first modest effort to help the choir earn money for a field trip, NWBA was born. From the beginning, Jay has helped auction committees nationwide understand that the first rule of successful fund raising is accepting the fact that they are in business, and must use businesslike tools and resources to maximize success. An event that is a party first, and fund raiser second is doomed to underachieve. Jay correctly teaches that first you build a business, and then you make it fun.


Having started several businesses of his own, he is able to challenge committees to set reasonable goals, create a working steering committee, measure success along the way, and then continually improve their process. As a former teacher of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles in the high tech industry, Jay believes that every fund raising event can be improved with careful prior planning, measurement of progress toward clear milestones, and adjusting activities as needed. He is a proponent of the five year plan approach to success, and believes most committees hurt themselves by starting and stopping their planning activity every year. He believes that reinvention and recreation of the planning process each year is the biggest barrier to a growing and successful fundraiser, and the largest contributor to volunteer burn out. That is why he advocates a plan that has the event committee never going out of business, but instead staying intact from year to year with fresh people joining to replace those who have served a two to three year commitment.


In addition to being an active auctioneer and auction consultant, Jay also serves as president and co-founder of MaestroSoft, Inc., a leading event management software company.


See a "You-Tube" deom of Jay in action.  Click here:  Jay's demo at Camp Del Corazon