Auction Spotters

If your auction calls for 250 or more guests, or if the auction venue has several potential "blind spots" hindering the auctioneer's vision, auction spotters are an invaluable resource for increasing your auction flow and resulting yield.



 Professional spotters will pay for themselves many times over by increasing live bidding activity and by calling attention to bids the auctioneer might not otherwise see because of the size of the audience or the layout of the room.


winnieOften a professional spotter, sometimes called a "floor auctioneer," can earn a client many thousands of dollars in increased revenue merely by "working the crowd." As the eyes of the auctioneer, the professional spotter can sense when a bidder is about to bid and will encourage that to occur. Without the spotter's intervention, that bidder might not be seen by the auctioneer. Interaction between the spotter and the audience adds fun and energy to the event, and create a memorable and more profitable experience for all.