Auction Resource Guide

Benefit Auction Resource Book

"To be absolutely certain your next special event is a sure fire success, we recommend you jump start it with the "Benefit Auction Resource Book".  It is the ultimate step-by-step guide to increase your audience size, build your volunteer force, perk up your procurement, enhance your revenue, and accelerate the recognition of your organization in your community.  We think this book is a best seller in more ways than one!"- Dick and Sharon Friel, Celebrity Auctioneers

The Benefit Auction Resource Book is the ultimate step-by-step handbook on how to have a successful auction available on the market today. Your committee will find it an invaluable reference as it provides all the tools you will need for complete auction planning.

From setting the goal for the event, to organizing the committee, procuring auction items, building the audience, preparing the catalog and through auction night cashiering (check out) services, everything you will want to know about the auction process is readily at your fingertips.

Topics include...

  • A countdown calendar
  • Checklists for all aspects of the auction
  • Sample forms
  • Specifications for audio systems
  • Volunteer lists
  • Cashiering system
  • Auction budget example
  • Sample letters and invitations
  • Auction catalog excerpts

  • ...and many more subject areas you're sure to find helpful as you plan and hold your event. Many of the tips and revenue enhancing ideas in the Benefit Auction Resource Book have been tested in hundreds of charity auctions from coast to coast with excellent results.

    This guide, written by Jay Fiske, nationally-acclaimed auction consultant/auctioneer and the founder of Northwest Benefit Auctions, is distributed exclusively through client engagements and direct-purchase from the company.

    The Benefit Auction Resource Book will easily become a priceless handbook that you are certain to refer to for years to come, and may just be the single-most important tool you use at your next event.