Auction Forms

Northwest Benefit Auctions offers the highest quality Auction Forms (bid sheets), Bid Cards & Event Management Systems to make your fund raising event run smoother and help you make more money.

Our forms add a professional touch to your event. We carry silent auction forms, also called silent auction invoices or silent auction receipts.  Likewise, we have live auction forms (live auction invoices and live auction receipts).  We carry a huge assortment of display boards (table tents, table easels) in a wide variety of colors. You can also get live auction bid numbers (bid cards, bid paddles, bidder numbers, etc.) to keep the event classy, and to help your auctioneer easily see who is bidding. 

Forms are designed to be handwritten, or you may use auction software.  All forms can be printed directly from most auction management software systems  including  AuctionMaestro ProTM from MaestroSoft, Inc.

Sample silent auction bid formAll of our bid forms allow for printing your organization's Federal Tax ID number, the fair market value and/or the expected bid range for the item, which is consistent with IRS requirements.

Listed below are various configurations and prices for available forms. If you don't see something you're looking for, ask us about it! We can either provide you with it directly, or help you find a source that can!

Special options such as higher number series, logos, and custom colors are also available. Call or contact us for a quote.

When you're ready, use our online order form or call us at  (425) 688-1110  (425) 688-1110 ,  (800) 469-6305  (800) 469-6305 to have your auction products delivered to you today!