Auction Consulting

Auction Consulting

We begin the consulting process by meeting with the committee and understanding the goals for the event. Our job is not to tell the committee what to do, but to advise and consult with them on what works well, what will not work (from our experience) and what areas are likely to benefit from some experimentation. We do not want to dampen creativity. To the contrary, we want the creativity to flow - but directed in areas where it will not be costly to the process. The "basics" of your event business do not need to be invented, only managed. We help your committee understand those basics and once they have that understanding, they can be much more creative in building a wonderful event that will be the envy of those who must create their event from scratch.

Of course, we provide your committee with a step-by-step guide that's a wealth of knowledge on benefit auctions. In the guide, they will find sample forms, timelines and milestones, budgets, job descriptions, room layout guides, lighting and sound specifications, goal setting tools, sample letters, invitations and catalog descriptions, and numerous other tools at their disposal. We even provide a handy list of hundreds of sample auction items - our "ABC's of Item Procurement" covering every letter in the alphabet, literally organized from A to Z! Click here for your own copy to use at your procurement kick off meetings.


We train you, guide you, help motivate your committee, troubleshoot your processes, keep you on track and share in your success.


We are your auction event guide, and we will help you make more money, and have more fun doing it - guaranteed!


Our consultants will be available on a regular basis to troubleshoot the planning process, and will keep your committee focused. Having an experienced auction planner at your side will return substantial dividends by increasing your event revenue and by saving your auction committee significant time and stress.


Our consultants will help you in many ways, including:

 Helping you set a reasonable financial goal

  • Organizing a time line to track milestones toward the event date
  • Preparing a procurement "kick off" meeting and provide the materials needed
  • Training the auction committee in the various jobs required to have a successful event
  • Coordinating the auctioneer, spotters and event night staff
  • Providing item procurement training to your committee, plus leading a procurement rally
  • Monitoring progress toward your goals, and providing coaching as needed
  • Inspiring your committee to greater results by being the voice of experience
  • Training your committee in the techniques of audience development
  • Helping troubleshoot issues as they occur
  • Being a continuous resource to you on issues such as lighting, staging, sound, and displays  

Your tour of duty as event chair will be a much more pleasurable experience when you have the assistance of a professional auction consultant to guide you. Think of Northwest Benefit Auctions as your partner in ensuring your event success!