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Question of the week:  "How can we make money from businesses that have nothing to donate, like doctors, dentists, attorneys, realtors, insurance agents, banks?"


Answer:  "EVERY BUSINESS CAN HELP!  Give them more than one way to say 'yes'.  If they can't donate an item, ask for a sponsorship, or an ad in your program book, or have them underwrite part the cost of your event.  Invite them to attend, or sell them a table!


Bonus Tip:  Professionals (Doctors, dentists, lawyers, insurance agents etc.) can UNDERWRITE the cost of getting a PREMIER item for your event.  They cover the cost, you get the item to sell, and your event gets a fabulous item to build energy and excitement around.  They get the public recognition for the "donation" of the item so everyone benefits.  See below for how to get these fabulous items.



Some sample questions include:


  • Just how many items is too many for a Live (oral) Auction? Is there a minimum to make it work?
  • How do I know how many Silent Auction items I should have?
  • How do I avoid having people leave early?
  • Is it possible to eliminate a cashiering line?
  • How important is a good sound system? Can't we just use the "house" sound, or the band's?
  • I have a whole bunch of low value certificates. How do I get rid of them and still make money?
  • What is a "Guaranteed Purchase" Silent Auction?
  • Why should I pay for an auctioneer, when I can get a volunteer to do it for free?
  • Can you tell me how I can make the Live Auction not take so long?
  • What is a Bid-O-Gram?
  • How well does a puppy sell?
  • Who do I ask to get auction items?
  • Why does a buffet dinner cost our auction so much money in lost revenue?
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