Charity & Benefit Auction Management

Earn Money by Shopping?

Auctions are NOT the Only Way to Make Money!

dubli it ver4We love auctions.  We built our company and reputation helping great causes earn money by auction.  However, we also are realists.  And that means we need to be open to new ideas for charities to make money, beyond the auction process.  Such a new idea came to us recently.  It is a shopping loyalty program that pays cash back every month on all purchases made through on-line shopping at over 4,000 stores. Many stores will also allow you to buy gift cards which you can then use at the retail stores.  Plus, your favorite school or charity can cash in too!  Read on to see how.

The amount of cash back is dramatic - typically 5% to 11% and paid each month, not at the end of the year like credit card loyalty programs do.  These cash back amounts are what the individual shopper gets, so how does that benefit a charity?  Simple:  The charity gets 30% of all cash back as a bonus for sharing the program with its supporters.  So imagine the power (and revenue!) of a charity providing this cash back link to its support network.  Not only do the supporters win by getting cash back on their purchases, but the charity gets 30% cash back as well!  If a few dozen, or a few hundred people are buying on-line and earning 5%-11% on their purchases, and the charity is getting 30% of ALL of those refunds, well the advantage to the charity is obvious.  Here is the best part:  Charities (schools too) can sign up for free. 

Many schools have scrip plans and loyalty plans with major shopping chains and local stores.  That is good for the school but does little for the shopper.  With this cash back program the shopper benefits directly (5%-11% typically) AND the school also benefits with the 30% rebate to them! 

For more information or to give it a try at no cost just click here.  There is no cost to try the shopping program and to start earning cash back.  If you would like to learn how to sign up your charity or school so it can make that 30% too, shoot me an email at  jfiske@auctionhelp.com

Plan your Fall Gala With Our Help

It's about Summer and the thoughts of baseball, picnics and vacations fill our head.  But soon it will be Fall, and another auction season will be upon us!  So, time to start planning, and for professional help you can count on, contact us.  We will guide you every step of the way.  You don't have to reinvent the wheel. 

If you have an event this Fall or even next Spring, let us help you have your most successful event ever.  We have specialized in helping organizations exceed their expectations for nearly 25 years by focusing on the details, and making sure the committee was well prepared, and the volunteers well trained.  We have systems for nearly any type of auction, and no event is too big, or too small for us to be a resource.  Call us or shoot us an email and let us know what you want to achieve, and we will help you get there!

Here is a New Tool to Make Planning Easy - The SimpleStart Package

You get it all in one simple package - forms, books, consulting, and discounts on products and services.  Any auction committee will have all they need in one package to get going quickly and accurately with their event planning.  For details on the SimpleStart package and all that is included, click here.

Mobile Bidding is The Future - Say Goodbye to Silent Auction Bid Forms!

dreamstime xxl 14975 smallWe are fortunate that our sister company, MaestroSoft, is the pioneer in mobile bidding by cell phones, and was quickly established as the leader in this new trend.  Many of our auction clients are moving this direction for their silent auctions, and we are able to support them both before and during the event with our event staff and consulting services. 

For more information on the Text2Bid system from MaestroSoft, you can contact them at 800-438-6498 or go to www.maestrosoft.com or www.text2bid.net

Big Book CoverrealsmallLooking for Auction Help? We "Wrote the book!"

We really did. We took over 20 years of auction expertise at auctions nationwide and condensed that experience into what has become the "bible" for auction management. Published by the leading educational book supplier in the world, John Wiley & Sons, The Big Book of Benefit Auctions is simply a must read for any auction chair and committee.  Don't invent or re-invent the wheel.  We have it all for you in the Big Book.  Click here for more details.

Northwest Benefit Auctions was established 20 years ago with one mission:  Help charities and schools nationwide increase their auction success with a minimum of stress and burn out of volunteers.  

We have helped thousands of events accomplish their goals and we continue to find new and creative ways to increase their income each year.

Northwest Benefit Auctions can assist you in developing a plan with help from our:

  • Auctioneers
  • Event Coordinators
  • Spotters
  • Event Staff
  • Software
  • Workshops

Here is a partial list of clients we have helped over our 20 years in business:

  • The March of Dimes
  • The American Cancer Society
  • United Cerebral Palsy Association
  • Childrens' Hospital Guilds
  • Kiwanis Clubs
  • YMCAs
  • Museums
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Public and Private Schools
  • The American Heart Association
  • Performing Arts Guild

We have helped raise over a Billion Dollars in 20 years, and still counting!

Worried about a Down Economy and how it will affect your event?  Listen to Jay's advice: 

  • Concerned about the "down" economy hurting your event?  Don't be!
  • Listen to MaestroSoft founder and auction consultant Jay Fiske discuss "How to Recession-proof your event."  Click here to listen
  • Also, if you are considering canceling or downsizing your event because of the economic conditions, listen to Jay talk about the "Fear of Fund raising" Click here to listen
  • Click the link below to learn about the best auction software you will find.
    AuctionMaestro Pro Software

Northwest Benefit Auctions is...Your full-service auction partner

We will provide you with: 

  • An auctioneer who will engage your guests and encourage them to be generous. 
  • Meet with your auction committee throughout the planning process.  
  • Give you helpful tips that can add as much as 25% to your auction receipts.  
  • Train and monitor your auction volunteers the night of the event.  
  • Help you run your auction, including: registration, data entry, cashiering, recording, etc.  
  • Not only increase profitability, but also keep you and your committee from reinventing the wheel every year.

Any event can have "Premier" items. To find out how, click here.  

Need some fabulous trips and other auction items to complete your procurement? 

Check out http://auctionitems.maestroweb.com

All items on this site are available for your event, plus many, many more.  In most cases item cost is 50% of value or even less. Plus, you NEVER pay for any item until it is sold, so you have no risk.  Check it out for yourself.